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Also See: The First voice of Australian feminism: excerpts from Louisa Lawson's the Dawn, 1888-1895
edited by and with an introduction by Olive Lawson, Louisa's great grand-daughter.

About Ourselves by Dora Falconer (Louisa Lawson) from the first issue, 15 May 1888. As PDF

Unhappy Love Matches The Dawn Volume 2, Number 2. Sydney, June 1, 1889

The Man Question... Or, The Woman Question Re-stated The Dawn Volume 2, Number 5. Sydney, September 2, 1889

Boycotting The Dawn The Dawn Volume 2, Number 6. Sydney, October 5, 1889

Spurious Women The Dawn Volume 2, Number 3. Sydney, July 1, 1889

Modern Chivalry The Dawn Volume 2, Number 7. Sydney, November 5, 1889

The Strike Question The Dawn Volume 2, Number 7. Sydney, November 5, 1890

About Louisa and The Dawn

Standing On Their Shoulders! Jocelynne A. Scutt, Women's History Network Blog, January 2014

The literary Dawn : Re-reading Louisa Lawson's poetry and politics by Katie Hansord in Hecate, Volume 39 Issue 01n02 (2014)

History repeats for powerful Australian women by Brian Matthews, Eureka Street, 20 June 2013

Inspiring Womanhood: A re-interpretation of The Dawn by Hannah Louise Cameron (Honours Thesis, Department of History, University of Sydney, 2011)

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Roaming Roy discovers a poets muse - Henry Lawson's Mum The Tingle Factor Box. 8 Aug 2010

Biographies and Primary Sources

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