The success of the campaign to Digitise The Dawn is built on a foundation laid by a number of generous supporters.

The National Foundation for Australian Women generously agreed to accept donations on our behalf via the Australian Women's Archives Project. Google Australia / New Zealand offered to help digitise the journal, and whilst we had that sorted with the National Library, they also made a very substantial Donation. The Chifley Research Centre stepped in to add their support to help us reach our target by the close of International Women's Day.

Perl Training Australia and Calyx Group also made corporate donations to the cause. And, whilst we value everyone's support, I was personally delighted to receive a substantial donation from Dr Elizabeth Lawson, Great Granddaughter of Louisa herself. The National Library of Australia have been extraordinarily positive and supportive of the campaign, and provided patient assistance with some technical financial details when called to do so.

Some of our Individual donors have requested to remain anonymous, they know who they are, and they have had equally private expressions of our heartfelt gratitude.

And to everyone who helped spread the word, tap a friend or colleague on the shoulder, share the eFlyer through their networks or tweet, retweet and blog - Thank you, we would not be smiling so widely now were it not for your enthusiastic participation!

The remaining supporters will be listed here when and as they grant us permission to share their names. It was them, that made this possible. It is they we should thank when The Dawn is digitised for all.

Open Day Attendees - 2011
Marian Quartley
Danielle Madeley
Dr. Jennifer Strauss, editor of The Collected Verse of Mary Gilmore.
Dr. Clare Wright, Honorary Research Fellow, La Trobe University
Prof. Kerry Raymond
Dr. Patricia Clarke
Dr Elizabeth Lawson -
Cheryl Hannah -
Kathy Reid, representative, ITIL Problem Manager and FOSS advocate.
Brendan Kelly
Anne Levy
Ros Strong
Stewart Smith
Margaret Pekin
Claudine Chionh
Craig Sanders
Brianna Laugher
Kate Carruthers
Prof. Angela Woollacott, The Australian National University
CALYX information essentials - supporting Koha in Australia since 2004

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