We did it

The hundredth anniversary of International Women's Day, 8th March 2011 was our goal date to reach the funding target of $7500.

We have surpassed that target.

Big support from Google Australia/NZ, the Chifley Research Centre and a shy private donor got us across the line joining other corporate donors, Calyx and Perl Training Australia.

Over 40 individuals also dug into their pockets to support the campaign to digitise Louisa Lawson's Journal for Australian Women. A special mention for Lana Brindley for rattling a cup at open day at the close of linux.conf.au and raising our first contribution of $660.50. I'll be in touch with all donors in the coming days to see if they wish to be publicly listed on this site as a supporter of the campaign.

It's been an extraordinary month. I started the campaign on the 28th of January with a blog post and a chip-in page. I followed up by creating the twitter account, and this website. Then we got the word out. With the help of many many wonderful women and men that word spread far and wide.

I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of everyone who helped - as donors, as connectors, and networkers and communicators. You did it. We did it together.

Now it's over to the National Library of Australia to make it happen.